Online Recovery Meetings are Saving Lives in Covid Crisis

Everyone has problems in the Covid-19 Crisis, Lord knows. Isolation, anxiety and other factors are now one’s daily fare, like it or not. The insanity of addiction thrives in these conditions making this crisis a threat to the lives of many of our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and others who suffer addiction in it’s manyContinue reading “Online Recovery Meetings are Saving Lives in Covid Crisis”

Attendance Verification System in Place at OnLine12StepRecovery

OnLine12StepRecovery MEETING ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION: If you are attending an Online 12 Step Recovery Meeting and would like to have your attendance verified, just go to and select Attendance Verification, fill out the form and submit. Please mention ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION in your message.

ONLINE 12 Step Meetings: Around the World / Around the Clock

Online meetings? Never thought much about ’em myself. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I, like millions of others around the world, decided to self-quarantine. I just moved to a very rural town in Iowa, so that shouldn’t be so hard. Well, one thing about rural living is there aren’t a whole lot of meetings to goContinue reading “ONLINE 12 Step Meetings: Around the World / Around the Clock”